Business Data Technologies

Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Fall 2021

Instructor: Emaad Manzoor (emanzoor[at] Teaching Assistant: Yang Gao (ygao328[at]
Office Hours: By appointment, at Grainger 4284B Office Hours: By appointment, at Grainger 4284A
Section Meeting Times, Locations, Canvas Sites: Format: Lecture (90m), Quiz (10m), Lab (50m)
    Section 010: Tue 2.30-5.00PM, Grainger 2335 (Canvas) Grading: HW (40%), Quizzes (20%), Project (40%)
    Section 011: Tue 5.40-8.10PM, Grainger 2520 (Canvas) Resources: Syllabus, Project, VM Setup
    Section 022: Tue 5.40-8.10PM, Zoom (Canvas) StackOverflow: Section 010, 011, 022

In this course, you will learn how to engineer and architect scalable, resilient, and extensible business data analytics pipelines with modern data management technologies. You will develop expertise in ingesting data from various sources, loading data into data lakes and warehouses, designing warehouse schemas, programmatically querying and analyzing warehoused data, and designing end-to-end data management architectures for both batch and streaming data.

Prerequisites: Proficiency in Python (by taking GEN BUS 705, for example)

Industry Partners:

Date Topic Resources Notes
Sep 14 Introduction & Project Discussion
Lab: VM setup, Linux Shell, Git
Linux Journey
Explain Shell
Learn Enough CLI
Pro Git
HW1 out (VM setup, Linux
shell, Git, data extraction)
Sep 21 Stages of Data Sophistication
Cloud Data Lakes on S3
Lab: APIs, Snowflake Setup, S3
Data Governance Webbook
Enterprise Data Lakes Book
S3 User Guide
Sep 28 Traditional & Modern Data
Warehouse Architectures
Lab: Snowflake Data Lake
DDIA Book Ch. 3
Databases Redbook
Snowflake Data Lakes
Snowflake Paper
C-Store Paper
HW1 due, HW2 out
(schema design)
Oct 05 Data Warehouse Design I
Lab: Schema Design
Data Warehouse Toolkit  
Oct 12 Data Warehouse Design II
Lab: Snowflake Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Toolkit  
Oct 19 Relational Data Analytics I
Lab: PostgreSQL
DDIA Book Ch. 2 HW2 due, HW3 out (SQL)
Oct 26 Relational Data Analytics II
Lab: Snowflake SQL
Nov 02 Distributed Data Systems
Lab: No Lab
DDIA Book Ch. 5 - 9  
Nov 09 Batch and Stream Processing
Lab: Kafka
DDIA Book Ch. 10 - 11 HW3 due, HW4 out
(topics TBD)
Nov 16 Network Data Analytics
Lab: neo4j
Graph Algorithms Book
Graph Databases Book
MMDS Book Ch. 5, 10
NC&M Book Ch. 1, 2, 13-14
Nov 23 Project Hackathon   HW4 due, Project
midterm report due
Nov 30 Specialized Hardware Accelerators for
Data Analytics (GPUs and IPUs)
Guest Lecture: Graphcore
Dec 07 Data Security, Ethics & Privacy
Evaluating Data Technologies
Guest Lecture: McKinsey
  Project final report
and presentation due
Dec 14 Project presentations