Hilltop Karting at Verna

To be very frank, karting bores me. Like all repetitive action; running in circles, lifting weights (hypothetically), chewing gum. But this turned out to be like one of those times when you were younger, when you’d spin around until you got dizzy, and do it again and again till you end up with a sick stomach.

Verna’s is the most beautiful kart-track I’ve been to yet.

Karting at Verna Karting at Verna

  • Cost: Rs. 150 per head for 10 laps which zip past before you know it. So look for someone with his/her birthday coming up.
  • How To Get There: Take a bus from Zari., in the direction opposite that of Vasco.  Catching the bus will take you half an hour if you’re lucky. The journey’s a twenty minute issue, you’ll be dropped at the Verna bus stop.
  • And Then: Take the road up the hill. It’s a fifteen minute climb straight up and you won’t get a taxi there to lug you around, so do carry a little water.
  • After Karting: There’s a restaurant downhill with reasonable rates (< Rs. 150 per head), called Woodburne (or something). And any food will taste good after the long climb down!