Cell Phone + Bluetooth = Webcam!

While I’m posting the instructions specifically for Linux boxes, a little perseverance should have you running it on any box that’s supported! What you’ll need is:

Get It Running

  • Install the Smartcam DEB (a simple double-click should work in most cases).
  • Extract the source tarball to its own folder; a Right-click –> “Extract Here” should work.
  • Copy the downloaded patch to the driver_src directory.
  • Open up a terminal and run these commands:
$ cd /path/to/the_extracted_smartcam_source/
$ cd driver_src
$ patch -p0 < smartcam.patch
$ sudo make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=`pwd`
$ sudo modprobe videodev
$ sudo insmod smartcam.ko
  • Start Smartcam!

Known Issues

  • The patch -p0 < smartcam.patch command fails with some weird error: You may not have patch installed. A simple sudo apt-get install patch should do the trick.

  • The make command fails after barfing all over my terminal: You probably don’t have a number of dependencies required to compile kernel modules. While I could tell you to install every build tool possible and ensure you get past this block, it really doesn’t make sense. Take a closer look at the output on your terminal and note down statements that indicate specific programs not available. Then just run a sudo apt-get install and give it another go! If all else fails, Google! Dependency problems crop up all the time.

  • The installation worked but Smartcam just doesn’t show up: You need to run sudo modprobe videodev and sudo insmod smartcam.ko every time you intend to start Smartcam. This loads the kernel modules into memory for the current session, so you need not re-run the commands once you’ve done that for your current session. You’ll need to switch on the bluetooth on your computer before you start Smartcam!