Get xkcd.pl here.

A simple Perl script to rip the entire bunch of xkcd webcomics to your hard disk. This script is a Perl rendition of xkcd.get() and a number of similar webcomic-to-local-disk aggregators littered all over the web, with a notable difference being the addition of the tooltip as a caption to the downloaded xkcd webcomic image.


  • Perl
  • imagemagick
  • wget

The usual apt-get should fix any dependency errors.


  • On first run, downloads all the xkcd comics to date to the user’s home directory.
  • Doesn’t re-download comics already present, so it can be run as a cron job thrice a week, fetching only the latest comic each time.
  • Adds the tooltip of the xkcd comic being downloaded as a caption to the image.