Emaad Manzoor

I am a fourth year PhD student in Information Systems at the Heinz College of Carnegie Mellon University.

I develop scalable machine-learning methods that operate on data with complex structure, such as networks and text. I use these methods to study persuasion and linguistic biases.

Email: emaad@cmu.edu


CORE computer science conference rankings: WWW, KDD = A*.

Working Papers

    • Interpretable Deep Learning for Text Exploration
    • Dokyun Lee*, Emaad Manzoor*, Zhaoqi Cheng*
    • Under second-round review at Marketing Science [preprint]

Work in Progress

    • Persuasion via Credibility Signals in Argumentative Dialogue
    • Emaad Manzoor, George Chen, Dokyun Lee, Michael D. Smith
    • Identifying Linguistic Biases in Peer-Review
    • Emaad Manzoor, Nihar B. Shah

Patents Filed

    • Expanding Taxonomies with Implicit Edge Semantics
    • Emaad Manzoor, Dhananjay Shrouty, Rui Li, Jure Leskovec
    • Patent filed October 2019 [Google Patents]

(*equal contribution)