Business Data Technologies (GEN BUS 760)

Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Summer 2022

Instructor: Emaad Manzoor Office Hours: Wednesdays, 6:15 - 8:55PM CT (on Zoom)
Email: emanzoor[at] Resources: Syllabus, Canvas
Weekly Meeting Times: Asynchronous Grading: Quizzes (12 pts), Homeworks (60 pts), Peer Grades
In-Person Weekend: Aug 6, 7 (8AM-5PM) (8 pts), In-Person Weekend (20 pts), Final Exam (100 pts)

In this course, you will learn how to architect scalable business data analytics pipelines with modern data management technologies. You will specifically develop expertise in on-premise and cloud data analytics using SQL, in designing conceptual data warehouse designs using entity-relationship diagrams, in translating conceptual designs to logical designs using QuickDatabaseDiagrams, and in translating logical designs to physical data warehouse designs in SQL.

Week Topic Optional Readings
Week 1 (W1)
Jul 18 — 22
M1: Data-Intensive System Architectures
M2: Data Warehouse Analytics with SQL
Book: Learning SQL
  Week 1 Quiz (due July 25)
Homework 1 (due July 28)
Week 2 (W2)
Jul 25 — 29
M1: Creating and Designing Data Warehouses
M2: Advance Data Warehouse Analytics with SQL
Book: The Data
Warehouse Toolkit
  Week 2 Quiz (due Aug 1)
Homework 2 (due Aug 4)
Week 3 (W3)
Aug 1 — 5
M1: Data Warehouse Indexing for High Performance
M2: Hadoop and MapReduce
Book: Hadoop
  Week 3 Quiz (due Aug 7)  
Aug 6, 7
In-Person Weekend: Cloud Data Analytics  
Week 4 (W4)
Aug 8 — 12
Final Exam: Aug 10, 2022, 6:15 - 8:55PM CT
Open laptop/notes, no collaboration